Bash Love

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At the OSL our workstations are shared and named after colors. emerald.workstation.osuosl.bak is where I usually sit in the NOC (Figure 1). I use tmux (Figure *) to multiplex so I can connect to my session from anywhere, but when splitting the terminal to get a side by side, very often the prompt can get obscenely long (Figure 2). This calls for shortening the bash prompt in order to maximize utility of $COLUMNS.

Behold! (Figure 3, 4)

Using a case statement and filtering out the color from the hostname, I color code my prompt based on hostname. This very easily lets me know $HOSTNAME, and indirectly /usr/bin/whoami since almost every other user will preface their prompt with a $USER.

This was a 10 minute exercise in learning how to write case statements in bash and provide some cute utility to an otherwise stale prompt. The other thing you might notice is that I directly add the unicode heart into the prompt. This causes difficulty on TTYs and some terminal emulators, so there should be a check to make sure it can be loaded and replacing with something else if it fails. A quick hack to make life prettier!