Chicago: A Trip Report

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I recently came to Chicago for Tomorrow Never Knows. The acts I came to see where Lady Lamb, The Go Team!, and Julien Baker, in descending order of psychedness. While I came for the music (and secretly to eat huitlacoche), there was a lot more going on that what I’d anticipated so here’s my trip report! Check out my Instagram for pictures from the Museum of Science and Industry and other odds and ends.


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Today we’ll be looking at the version control system (VCS) known as git. git is the industry (at least in Open Source) standard for version control. It happens to be a distributed version control system (DVCS) which differs from the historical style of having a canonical copy of the source tree. Written by Linus Torvalds of Linux fame, git is a tool that all people working in prose or code should be familiar with.

Bash Love

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At the OSL our workstations are shared and named after colors. emerald.workstation.osuosl.bak is where I usually sit in the NOC (Figure 1). I use tmux (Figure *) to multiplex so I can connect to my session from anywhere, but when splitting the terminal to get a side by side, very often the prompt can get obscenely long (Figure 2). This calls for shortening the bash prompt in order to maximize utility of $COLUMNS.

PGD Cookbook

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When I mention, yum cookbook, recipes, and how to use knife, what comes to mind? When first using Chef you begin to wonder what they were thinking naming their product such a common thing. Chef is a configuration management(CI) tool. CI is a methodology for programmatically managing software and hardware. There are many popular open source options including Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack, and NixOS to name a few. They differ in their language of implementation, design goals, and range of popularity.