i want to steal kisses the way children steal bites of chocolate

i want to feel rain run down my back, like an expected surprise that still catches you off guard

i want to find a corner, dimly lit, where we hold hands and one of us has enough courage

it's in these places that i find myself

we find ourself

timeless moments holding their own through our baggage

through our travels and our distinct pasts

we are the same as the world:

completely unconnected, disoriented, neglegent


totally entwined, straightforward, selfless

you and i together are the things that faerie tales are made of

star crossed, threadbare and hopelessly alone

but it's the moments of life, of stillness, completeness, awareness

that we find ourselves breathing

of blinking and not blinking

looking into eachothers acne worn, tear stained, smiley faces

because it's together that we find ourselves

me and my steam filled mirror