You touch my face as I wake

Lightly dragging your fingers on my forehead

Sweetly rubbing my chubby cheeks

Not to wake me, or keep me asleep

You just want to feel

Want me to feel

Our bed is warm and wide and wondering

I peek one eye

You know I'm awake

But we both play pretend

I roll over, obviously my large frame is better suited to the little spoon

Pulling your arm against my chest, you warm me

You whisper into my ear

"I know you're awake"

"Nuh uh" I mutter

"You asshole" you speak sternly into my ready ear

I push back against your body as to coerce you into my argument

"That ass isn't enough, even big as it is"

"Fine. I'm going back to sleep."

"Nuh uh." You say mockingly

As you reach up to stroke my face again, you stop. Pausing at my chest.

You pinch my nipples and say "You like doing this to me, so I figured I'd return the favor."

I can't help but wiggle and try to escape your cuddling torture.

Throwing the blankets off, we can't help but erupt in laughter.

Slowly the cold air covers us and we seek each other for warmth.

I pin you and kiss your cheek.

You surprise me and suddenly we're reversed.

As slowly as you can, you lean over me and as you approach, I anticipate your lips.

Closing my eyes I can't help but purse my lips and expect.

As you make the lightest of contact, I push forward

I feel your lips move and you speak softly:

"Could you use the Big Island beans, we don't have enough of the Ethiopian to make a full pot."