I miss eating chinese food with you

I miss fighting over green beans, tempeh and lemon covered bird nests

Staying in napping on each other like cats

Trading places of power like handicaps in go

Start the coffee, I'll make the eggs

Grab the pillows, I'll get the blankets

Let's watch trash TV, or In the Mood for Love

Showering, cramped and tingly

Trying to wash each others butts

The winner: attentive, thorough, serious

The loser: thankful, laughing, loved

Now you pass through

A new city, a new band, a new beer

Learning to be yourself was something no one taught you

A mirror you can't look away from

Maybe you've found yourself

You can be happy

Even a broken clock is right twice a day

There's no feng shui, no optimization

There's just you

Thankful, laughing, loved